Tokenstars Review

Tokenstars Review

Tokenstars Review

TokenStars TEAM ICO Review

Is it possible to connect stars and blockchain technology? Well, someone obviously prepares to do so.

After the first effective token sale called TokenStars ACE, individuals at TokenStars launch the second token sale called TokenStars TEAM What is it all about? Who is behind these tasks? Is it worth our money and time?

Read this TokenStars TEAM ICO Review to discover.

Tokenstars Team ICO

Introduction to TokenStars TEAM.

The main idea of TEAM job is to link young talents, specialists and fans and bring them better.

This primarily applies to sports individuals, but other types of skilled stars and celebrities-to-be such as stars, artists, etc., can be included.Tokenstars Review

First off, the people at TEAM knew the issue that many young and talented either do not get found or do not have the properties to prosper.

By bringing them closer to the fans and advertisers, the platform will assist them financially. They will be able to draw in the audience and show their talent to the members of the TEAM platform.

Secondly, professionals from sports and entertainment industries will likewise be able to have their part in the project.

Marketing and promo will be provided to them and they will have the ability to discover sponsorships.

This likewise includes sports people and individuals from the show business.

The third fascinating thing here is the fan base. Fans will be closer than ever to their favorite celebrities.

The TEAM whitepaper assures that fans will have the ability to select future stars and even take part in the activities together with celebrities.

The platform will likewise be extremely inviting to marketers who look for more engaged audiences.

Due to the fact that there will be constant interactions amongst the fans and between fans and celebs, the marketers will be able to gain access to fan audience that is extremely included.

Tokenstars Team ICO

TokenStars TEAM– Investment OpportunityTokenstars Review

The whitepaper of TEAM begins with a simple introduction of why this task is good.

They note 4 layers to the task which make it an actually useful and innovative platform.

These 4 layers are crowdfunding, infrastructure, fans community and marketing.

In addition, they speak of 12 incorporated modules, where each module permits everybody on the platform to link in different methods.

Furthermore, they mention the 4 huge issues that exist when it pertains to sports and show business and these include assistance of young skills and developed professionals, fans’ desire to interact, marketers’ desire to get a more engaged audience, everyone’s desire for the markets to be more transparent.

The last one is resolved using the cryptocurrency and carrying out the blockchain innovation into the system.

Our company believe that these truths suffice to make every sports and home entertainment fan to consider purchasing TEAM tokens and that the concept itself, although not totally new and ingenious, has certain potential if carefully and thoroughly understood.

TokenStars TEAM team

The core group of the TEAM job has 9 members. Here is the list of all them with their abilities and work history.

Pavel Stukolov– Pavel is a financial investment expert, having worked in JSFC Sistema as M&A and Strategy director. He has experience in venture financial investments, M&A and financial obligation fundraising. Pavel is presently the CEO of TokenStars.

Irina Shashkina— Irina’s positions consist of CMO at Groupon Russia, Business Development Executive at Rambler & Co and CEO at LinguaLeo. Presently, she works as a CMO in this job.

Evgeniy Potapov— Evgeniy has more than 10 years of experience in IT, having actually worked as a CEO at IT Summa which he is also a creator. His existing position in the TEAM project is CTO.

Aler Denisov-– Aler has more than 10 years in clever contract development and he has actually teamed up with some of the huge companies such as Sberbank, RZD and many airplane structure business. Aler is the smart-contract developer on the project.Tokenstars Review

Mikhail Zak— Mikhail has 14 years of experience in marketing management. He dealt with PepsiCo, Mars and lots of others.
Moreover, he has successfully established and sold and e-commerce startup. Having a Ph.D. in Economics, Mikhail acts as a COO on the job.

Madina Hooke— Madina is the Head of Sponsorships in TokenStars TEAM. Her work history includes companies such as Visual DNA, Groupon Russia, Gruppo Mall Russia and others.

Irina Soshinkaya – Irina is an ex-GM and head of localization for a business called Evernote Russia. She has actually likewise dealt with start-ups that deal with industrial lightning and property. Irina is currently a localizations manager in the TEAM.

Lena Minz— Lena is the head of PR on the job with more than 10 years of experience. She has actually worked as PR at Mail.Ru Group and is a co-founder of A-TAK.

Nick Gigoriev— Nick works as the head of community management and he has actually remained in this niche considering that 1999. He is likewise a creator of Mediurg digital firm at which he currently works as CEO.

GROUP Advisors

The number of advisors and advocates, as well as the investors, in this project is remarkably high.

There are not only advisors for the task and business, however also for the things connected to sports.

This implies that the number of collaborators and advisors is going to increase if the job becomes effective. Here is the list of some of the most popular advisors:

Sports Advisors:

Matheus Antunes— Matheus is a company director at a Brazilian football (soccer) club EC Juventude and he is the football consultant on the task.

Sergey Demekhine— Sergey is a tennis coach and a retired tennis gamer, with more than 8 years of experience in training. He works as a training and hunting consultant on the project.

Maya Kurilova— Maya worked as Director of Operations at Octagon Russia and is a marketing manager at Kremlin Cup. She is also a skill manager consultant for the task.

Dmitry Sergeev— Dmitry is a CEO of a betting platform Bwin Russia, which is one of the most significant platforms worldwide. He has launched more than 10 start-ups and is presently a sports and betting advisor on the project.

Blockchain consultants:

Individuals listed below are all blockchain consultants for the project:

Tomoaki Sato— Tomoaki founded Smart Contract Japan. He is also a CEO of Starbase Co.

Wulf Kaal— Wulf is the specialist in law, innovation and organisation. He is likewise an advisor for crypto companies.

Edgar Kampers— Edgar is the chief currency officer at a company called Qoin.

Nikolay Danilow— CTO and co-founder of a blockchain software application advancement company called Decentralized Systems.

Core group consultants:

Ksenia Chabanenko— Ksenia has actually worked as VP Communications and BizDev at Group and She is also a creator of A-TAK company which assists IT startups. She is presently a marketing and PR consultant on the project.

Alexander Stratilatov— Alexander is the co-founder of JAMI, which is an award winning digital company. He has also worked together personally with Samsung, Coca-Cola, VW, and so on. Presently, he is an advertising and brand partnerships advisor on the project.

Mikhailius Derkach— Mikhailius belongs to Art Directors Club Russia, he has actually been working together with Google, Samsung, Lego, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, JTI, WWF and lots of other well-known brands. Mikhailius is the style consultant on the TEAM job.

Eugeny Kuznetsov— Eugeny is the retention and user acquisition professional. He has actually discovered WIM, which is a CRM firm. Currently, Eugeny functions as advertising and brand name collaborations consultant on the job.

This is a really long list of staff member and advisors. However, the list does not end here. The names that should likewise be mentioned are the investors Elena Maslova, Andrej Rusakov and Victor Shpakovsky.

In addition, sports people and people from entertainment industry that support this project are Lothar Matthäus, Tommy Haas, Nikita Kucherov, Gianluca Zambrotta, Robin Söderling, Cedric Piline, Anastasia Myskina, Valeriy Karpin, Alexander Anter, and Rico Torres.

TokenStars TEAM Token Sale

The tokens for this project are called TEAM Tokens and they are the standard Ethereum ERC-20 type of tokens. People can get tokens in 3 primary ways.

To start with, they can sign up with the crowdsale, they can buy tokens, and they can make tokens by accomplishing goals on the website.

The tokens will be utilized on the website to support young talents or your favorite entertainer, as well as take part in numerous different activities that draw fans and celebrities together.

The maximum number of tokens will be 75 million TEAM. 45 million will be dispersed during the token sale, 15 million will go to the group and advisors and 15 million will go to growing the network.

The sale began on 20th of December, 2017 and will last till 28th of February 2018. The sale is divided into five different parts of, as they call them– tiers.
Here is the list of tiers and the dates of their start and surface. Each tier brings about particular products. Have a look:

Tier 1– from 20th of December till 10th of January– 40% bonus offer– minimum 1000 TEAM tokens purchase.

Tier 2– from 10th of January up until 20th of January– 30% bonus– minimum 1000 TEAM tokens purchase.

Tier 3– from 20th of January up until 31st of January– 15% bonus– minimum 100 TEAM tokens purchase.

Tier 4– from 31st of January till 10th of February– 10% bonus offer– minimum 100 TEAM tokens purchase.

Tier 5– from 10th of February up until 28th of February – 0% reward– minimum 100 TEAM tokens purchase.

Moreover, there is an additional reward if you invest more BTC on buying.

If you spend 1-3 BTC, you get 5% benefit, 3-5 BTC will bring you 10% perk, and more than 5 BTC will bring you 20% benefit.Tokenstars Review

The currencies currently accepted for buying are BTC, ETH and ACE, which is the cryptocurrency from their previous token sale.

At the minute of writing this article, the sale is entering the Tier 4, which means that you can have 10% reward on your purchase.

The Whitepaper

The whitepaper is 60 pages long and really extensive in every element. For everybody who needs to know every little detail of the project, we highly advise TEAM whitepaper.

The only disadvantage can really be the amount of information supplied.

We believe that some things were repetitive in the whitepaper and that it could have been a little much shorter and a little bit more up-to-the-point.

Nevertheless, there is not a single considerable piece of details missing out on– they’ve got it all covered.

The Roadmap

The roadmap for this project is very substantial. They have actually separated the numerous different areas and each is followed by their roadmap.

The areas include innovation, marketing, scouting, and operations. We will attempt to summarize it here as quick as possible.

The 2nd half of 2017 was booked for developing the core team, developing the site, and the creation and circulation of the ACE tokens.

Moreover, this period works likewise included finalizing collaboration contracts and spreading awareness of the platform.

Expert professional athletes and entertainers were searched and signed and extensive research study of the industry was made.

The first quarter of 2018 will consist of the development and distribution of TEAM tokens (now), addition of DCV mechanism, submission of gamers’ application, and the individual control panel for scouts.

In addition, they prepare to target young skills and to start with internal scouting activities on the site. There are several other small things noted in the whitepaper which will be skipped here.

The second quarter of 2018 will bring automation when it concerns the analytics for players searching.

During this period a structured marketing framework should be established for target audience. This will consist of material, funnel and every kind of marketing automation.

It is the period when the first junior players’ assessment session ought to take place when marketing pitch decks and PR media kits for promoters need to be made.

The 3rd quarter is reserved for developing a small internal marketing department for sales and the continuation of the job plans.

This is more or less the very same for the next period (the roadmap shows plans for the very first half of 2019) and every duration is marked also by the modules which will be implemented to the site.

Benefits and drawbacks


  • Currently one successful ICO
  • Promising for young sports and entertainment skills
  • Fantastic group with many advisors
  • Great and thorough whitepaper


  • Difficult to meet every deadline
  • The best deal for ICO has actually currently passed
  • More focused on sports than on home entertainment

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ConclusionTokenstars Review

Using cryptocurrency for sports is not an originality. However, using it for making an ecosystem where fans would have the ability to assist increasing talents is definitely something really ingenious and distinct, and a terrific method to use blockchain technology.

Additionally, this is not the main focus of the platform. It will have various additional features that both the stars and the sports and entertainment fans would enjoy.

Tokenstars Review