CryptoTab Review [2018]: Mine Bitcoin Using Google Chrome


We all love cryptocurrencies, the trading, the exchanges, the mining, we love it all. So when something big hits the market it is obvious a lot of people jump on the wagon, especially if it’s an opportunity to make some easy money. In this Crypto Tab Review we will go over all the features, legitimacy and payouts! Ready to mine some Bitcoin?

What is CryptoTab?

If you’re into cryptocurrencies you’ve probably seen the name CryptoTab somewhere by now. It’s a genius Google Chrome Extension that let’s you mine Monero (XMR), which is then converted for you into Bitcoin (BTC).

The extension is easily downloaded from the Google Web Store and takes less than 10 seconds to be setup.

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With over nine thousand positive reviews this extension seems to be killing it. It’s because of the smart structure. If you refer more friends your mining speed goes up.

So the more friends actually use CryptoTab the more you are able to mine. Pretty genius right?

How Does It Work?

After installing the Chrome extension you will see this overview:

In the corner left you can set your mining speed from ” OFF ” to ” MAX” to the right you will see the actual H/s rate.

Image of CryptoTab Controle Panel

In the center you will the total amount of BTC mined. As stated earlier the script actually mines Monero (XMR) but converts it to BTC for you as that’s an easier cryptocurrency for everyone to use.

Below you will find the current USD value of your BTC. The BTC rate will obviously fluctuate and therefore there’s an = equation which get’s updated once a day as of now.

One of the most important features is the referral link, that’s how you are able to invite your friends.

The more friend you invite the more mining power you have. Referrals are listed under the “affiliate” payouts bottom right.

You can just click the button “copy url” and then post it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever social media you would like to spread it on.

The opportunity is limitless, you can really make a decent buck if you get ahead of the crowd. There’s probably tens of thousands of users right now, so get on it before there are tens of millions.

Is it Legit?

Like everyone we were a little bit skeptical at first. As with any crypto currency related mining potential etc. an scheme is not far around the corner.

With CryptoTab there weren’t really any problems because it’s allowed by Google Web Store, so it’s a good extension. Then there’s already thousands of users with all positive reviews.

So no issues there.

The only thing is the payout. The most important factor really.

After waiting a couple of days we can confirm that it’s actually possible to get paid! WOOHOO.

If you’re total BTC value is higher than the transport fee you’re eligible, it takes about two hours to appear in your wallet.

Your Chance

If you like cryptocurrencies and wouldn’t mind earn a couple of more dollars while you’re on your PC anyway CryptoTab might be the right thing for you. 

Who doesn’t love free Bitcoin right?!

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