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Serenity Financial Planning

Serenity ICO Review

If you share the viewpoint that the current Forex regulations are insufficient or even inexistent, that it possibly bound to alter.

Serenity aims to become the first arbitration platform for brokers and traders. It plans to do that by joining brokers from all over the world through using the blockchain technology.

Stay with us through this Serenity ICO Review to learn more about the idea and the exceptional opportunity for financial investment.

Intro to Serenity Financial

Serenity monetary is an arbitration platform that is planned to help Forex brokers and traders.

The promise that the business offers is to bring brokers and traders from around the globe together.

The ultimate goal of Serenity Financial is fair trade and safe withdrawals through making use of blockchain innovation, along with a particular depository system.

In this manner, the platform will completely use the powers of blockchain innovation to produce a new and enhanced trading system.

The method it works is that traders from all around the world access the platform and go through Serenity’s KYC confirmation procedure.

After that they can trade with all brokers on the network without the requirement for additional individual confirmations.

The primary issue Serenity is aiming to solve involves security on Forex.

Particularly, it is a great platform to earn high yields, however the threats are high as well.

The biggest issue along the line is that a huge portion of those who trade have no or little security against being fooled by intermediaries, such as dealerships and brokers.

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So, thinking about that traditional ways of protection are inefficient to say the least, Serenity has developed a way of utilizing blockchain technology to resolve the problem altogether.

Serenity intends to achieve this objective through several features on its platform.

  • Full control over all traders. Serenity Financial Planning

Because Serenity works using blockchain innovation that means that users can form a merged, managed system to tape-record trading and transactions and because method prevent any misdoings.

  • Segregated accounts.

All funds that clients have are located in a depository created by Serenity. This way, the funds will be protected and brokers will not have the possibility to use funds in a deceitful way.

  • Independent arbitration board.

An independent arbitration board formed by Serenity will settle any disputes using the data that is stored on the blockchain in the process.

  • Profit Withdrawals are guaranteed.

By utilizing its own liquidity swimming pool, Serenity can guarantee the withdrawal of revenue.

  • One verification process system.

Basically, traders go through Serenity particular KYC verification and after that can begin trading with any broker on the platform without the need of any additional KYC treatments.

  • Liquidity

All brokers will be supplied with technology, a bridge, and liquidity.

Essentially, we believe that using blockchain technology on the Forex platform is an excellent idea.

Obviously the system that has actually remained in location up until now is not working effectively and numerous traders are suffering damage.

We see that the blockchain is showing to be the best innovation in the area of cryptocurrencies and is supplying substantial defense.

One concern that might spring here is that the platform might end up being centralized to a point due to Serenity’s independent arbitration board.

Serenity ICO– A Good Opportunity

Featured in their white-paper is one part where the group behind Serenity explains why this project will be a success and why it will ready to buy it.

They focus on the financial aspect and reveal to anybody interested how Serenity intends to produce revenues.

Serenity describes how their success will be guaranteed since of the existing system that is faulty.

The target audience of the platform will be brokers who are offering online services by utilizing the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. There remain in total around 6000 of brokers like that.

Here comes the interesting part– just 10% of those brokers are controlled.

Exactly what this suggests for Serenity is that they have share mutual interest with a minimum of 90% of brokers. Moreover, there are around 4,000,000 traders in between those 6000 brokers.

Data for each broker for month-to-month withdrawals and deposits are in the variety of 400,000 to 600,000.

For that reason, there is a huge interest group that Serenity intends to target and our company believe that that is its big advantage.

For all them in this interest group, belonging of Serenity platform will bring big advantages and a lot of safety, so we believe that the platform will end up being a success.

However, due to the fact that of the nature of the system, Serenity might need some extended preliminary time before it completely gains momentum.

Serenity ICO Details

The Team Behind Serenity

Serenity has an extremely outstanding group to support it. It is formed by 18 members in overall, the majority of whom have really fascinating and accomplished Linkedin profiles.

Here we are featuring the complete list with some essential info about each member.

Stanislav Vaneev. He is CEO and creator of Grand Capital, a worldwide financial services company. Stanislav is also the creator of UpTrader, a brokerage software application advancement business. On top of that, he is the creator of the Serenity task.

Anton Vasin. He is the Co-founder of Serenity project and its COO. Anton has constructed his career for over 11 years by holding top positions in Forex sphere.

Denis Kulagin. He is an expert when it comes to promoting Forex business in Asia. At Serenity, he holds the CEO position.
Vasily Alexeev. He has 10 years of experience in business advancement, along with 6 years in product advancement for Forex business. At Serenity he holds the position of CTO.

Sergey Kozlovsky. Sergey was first a monetary expert in 2007. Later on, he was leading a brokerage business’s analytics department. He is among the co-founders of Serenity.Serenity Financial Planning

Sergey Lushkovskiy. Sergey is a specialist in blockchain technologies, smart contract development, backend tools, frontend tools, mobile, and maker. He is the team leader at Serenity.

Lenur Zamaraev. Lenur Zamzaraev is an experienced developer, Internet and telecommunication expert. At serenity he is senior developer.

Stanislav Pankratov. He is a backend and frontend Python designer. He has comprehensive experience on freelance and open source jobs. He is Python designer at Serenity.

Elizaveta Matveeva. She is an extremely talented item designer with 5 years of experience. Styles helpful and clean mobile and web user interfaces. Works as a UI/UX designer at Serenity.

Elena Berestovaya. Elena has more than 10 years of experience in company promo and track record management, consisting of 6 years in monetary market. She is Serenity’s head of marketing.

Ala Mohammed. PhD in Engineering Sciences, began his career in monetary markets as a sales manager. Presently, Ala is establishing financial investment offerings. He is a professional on Forex and Serenity’s business analyst.

Tian Haowen. Marketing monetary items and sales in China. Partnership development in China. Company of expositions. He is working on Serenity’s organisation development.

Jonathan Raharjo. Technical support for customers in Indonesia.

Herbert Rudy. Sales and collaboration advancement in Indonesia.

Goutam Das. Bachelor of organisation administration. Functions as project supervisor at Serenity.

Yulia Liu. Sales manager at Serenity. She is also a partnership relations expert in China.

Anastasia Kaneva. Anastasia took the top place in an across the country Computer Science competitors. She is a continuous participant and prizewinner in numerous shows, mathematics and computer technology contests. She is a junior Python developer at Serenity.

Nikita Khabarov. Nikita finished from the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies. At Serenity she works as a Junior Python designer.

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Serenity’s Advisors

The list of consultants Serenity has is no less excellent than its group. It consists of 14 popular names.

Yagub Rahimov. The CEO and a co-founder of 7marketz Inc., the parent business of, FintechEvents.

Alexey Kutsenko. Creator of Tools For Brokers Inc, software advancement business, which establishes financial software for more than 300 business in the world.

Dmitry Rannev. Director General of AMTS Solutions, a technology provider for brokerages. Creator and owner of RannForex task.

Peter Tatarnikov. Souls on Board at The Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC Ltd).

Salman Anjum. Being a Technology Futurist, Salman is an early Blockchain adopter and among the crucial influencers, currently empowering the next wave of Blockchain innovators.

Dawid Kustra. Vice President and Head of Sales at Solution Partners, the business that manages the Closed-end Investment Fund ‘Solution ONE’ focused on FX and CFD’s instruments.

Alexander Stanovoy. Held workplace as a top-manager in leading Russian brokerages. Alexander recommends leading Russian and global corporations on service structuring.

Anatoly Arbuzov. Atlas Blockchain CTO, Blockchain expert for CREDITS tasks, SERENITY blockchain expert.

Łukasz Paszkiewicz. Regional Director in CFH Group, member of Advisory Board of TraderStars and a co-founder of CryptoCurrency World Expo.

Aarti Thakkar. Head of forex technology department at Studio45 Company.Serenity Financial Planning

Sergey Ershov. Head of PR department at NordFX broker, whose main area of knowledge has actually been in market research, brand name management, planning and executing PR campaigns.

Andrey Moskvitch. He works as an expert for ICO, blockchain, web law, tech transfer and more.

Dmitry Orlov. He is the creator at PAMM/RAMM investment services and platforms.

Julia Mikhalchuk. Cryptocurrency attorney, CorpLaw.Pro. She is experienced in providing legal suggestions when it concerns cryptocurrencies.

Details on Serenity Token Sale

When it pertains to the sale of tokens as part of the ICO structure, it will be carried out in 4 phases.

Each stage will use a specific discount, as well as an amount of tokens for sale. Completely, 3,5 million SERENITY tokens will end up sold. Their nominal worth will be 0.1 ETH.

In stage one, a 50% discount rate was used. The very first stage happened during pre-ICO which began on November 15 and ended on November 30.

The number of tokens was restricted to 150000. Anybody who sent an application to get involved prior to pre-ICO begun, had a concern of purchase at the beginning.

Serenity ICO Review Charts

It is very important to point out that if the minimum quantity is not collected at the ICO phase, all of those who took part in the pre-ICO would not get refunds.

The 2nd stage is the ICO and it will last for 42 days. In this stage, a discount will be used regardless of the success of minimum fundraising targets.

In the 3rd phase, all unsold tokens are ruined.

After completion of the ICO, customers can begin to easily trade the tokens on the platform.

The token usages SI abbreviation. The token sale was opened to all nations, other than to Singapore and the US.

Serenity has several fundraising targets set on ICO. If less than $2 million is raised, the ICO will be pronounced as not successful.

When the ICO reaches $5 million, a KYC system will be carried out. At $10 million, a bridge would be developed within the Serenity payment option.Serenity Financial Planning

At $14 million, a distinct blockchain would be developed by the business, along with trading platforms on the blockchain and a server for MetaTrader.

Serenity ICO Charts

Serenity Whitepaper Review

The whitepaper for Serenity is definitely well-written and it can be seen that a lot of effort and time has actually been taken into it.
It goes through the entire project step-by-step and it examines each stage and aspect of the task in terrific detail.

The whitepaper typically concentrates on the financial aspect of the project and the predicted targets.

Therefore, we feel that there might have been more information on the marketing element and other company associated concerns.

Nonetheless|Nevertheless|However}, another aspect that we like is that the whitepaper includes an area about possible threats, which will definitely come useful to any investor who is analyzing all possible outcomes.


The Roadmap

The roadmap of Serenity has actually been extremely plainly presented in their whitepaper. Essentially, Serenity has been established in 2017, by a group of almost 30 individuals.

Not long after that, 5 months later, in May 2017 a beta version of the Automated Trade Analysis System has actually been released.

The group did not waste time and just one month later on, in June 2017, the launch of the cryptocurrency exchange MVP occurred.

A number of months later, in October 2017, came the time for the very first brokers to become a part of the system. After one month, in November 2017, the pre-ICO occurred and after that, in December, there was a closed round of sales.

The ICO stage of the job started on January 25 and it will last till March 2018, during which the business will aim to reach its fundraising objectives that we have actually pointed out above.

In April 2018, the cold wallet system is planned to be released if other targets are fulfilled by that time. For June 2018, the launch of Serenity cryptocurrency exchange is forecasted, along with a customized blockchain.

In autumn, September 2018, a live version of the platform will be released and in November Client Digital Signature will be executed. On top of that, in December, liquidity aggregator will be implemented.

At the start of 2019, all the way to April, it is prepared that Serenity needs to receive liquidity from European Banks, and in May new wallets will be presented.Serenity Financial Planning

In 2020, it is projected that more than 1000 brokers must end up being a part of the system.

Serenity ICO Roadmap

Benefits and drawbacks


  • An outstanding team behind the project with comprehensive experience.
  • An idea that will be helpful to a large group of people
  • All transactions are taped in the blockchain
  • Aims to bring back rely on the Forex system and specific brokers


  • Whitepaper primarily focuses on the financial element of the task
  • It might take a long period of time before the job gets momentum
  • Reasonably high targets for the fundraising phases


The idea behind the Serenity is absolutely more than essential at the moment for the various Forex users.

At the minute, it is very tough for clients to provide their trust to brokers without appropriate ways of protection, so because of that we predict a huge possibility for Serenity’s success.

It will be needed for some brokers to close down, while for others it will be harder to withdraw or abuse client’s funds.

We may need to wait a bit for Serenity to end up being fully implemented and reach its ultimate capacities, however it needs to be well-worth it.

All transactions will be kept using blockchain technology, so we fully support this job and believe that it is a good opportunity to purchase least numerous of the SI tokens and support the project.

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