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Lucyd ICO Evaluation


If you believe that smartglasses are a thing of the past, you are incorrect.

Lucyd is the project that introduces something never seen in the past– smart-glasses combined with blockchain technology called Lucyd Lens

Read this Lucyd ICO Review and discover more about the task and the financial investment chance.

Introduction to Lucyd Lens.

Lucyd is, generally, a glasses company which prepares to change their field by not just making much better glasses but also making them clever.

The main fuel of these glasses is going to be the blockchain innovation, and that is exactly what makes this project intriguing for both future users and possible investors.

Exactly what they intend to do is make the augmented reality (AR) app community in regular glasses.

The glasses will likewise be adjustable to light levels and corrective lenses will also be included. This suggests that they will look similar to any other type of glasses from the outdoors, however from your point of view– there will be a party going on.

You are probably doubting this point– how is this different than, say, Google Glass? You have every right to wonder.

Nevertheless, despite the truth that Google Glass was hyped, it ultimately ended up as a failure due to the fact that there were few alternatives readily available and the UX was dreadful.

The team at Lucyd is quite familiar with this reality, that is why they are are avoiding all the pitfalls of Google Glass and other similar projects by introducing blockchain technology, thus making a decentralized platform.

Lucyd ICO Solution

In Lucyd Lens designers will be able to develop content which will be rewarded with LCD tokens– cryptocurrency constructed for their environment, which will be talked about later.

If the AR app made by a developer ends up being popular and has excellent scores, the designer will get more tokens. Moreover, the glass will have both their own type of platform, but it will also be connected to iOS and Android.

We believe that this is a pretty beneficial way to utilize blockchain which creating an ecosystem within AR sounds really appealing.

Connecting an AR to glasses is not a new idea, but there were not extremely successful ones in the past either.

The only problem that we view as possible here is the competition taking the idea and executing them into their glasses.

Lucyd ICO– Investment Opportunity

What they are proud of in their white-paper is that they own 13 special patents which will be integrated to make these glasses. This reality refutes the concept of other huge business taking it, but everything is possible in the IT nowadays.

They likewise offer a list of all thirteen patents and their brief descriptions.

Additionally, they do not joke when they predict that their glasses will surpass the number of sales of smartphones by 2025 and assure that now is the best time to support AR, whether as an investor or as a developer.

We agree that the golden age of AR is coming and that everyone should support this job. The team promises that the buyers of their LCD tokens will be among the first to own the smartglasses, as soon as they become available worldwide.

Lucyd Glasses

Lucyd Lens Team

Lucyd Team is for nor fairly little and consists of eight people. All of them are mere experts in their jobs. Here is a list of them with their skills and achievements composed in brief.

– Clifford Gross, Ph.D., MBA– Clifford is a CEO of Tekcapital, a business which promotes concepts from universities and helps them grow. He is likewise an international tech transfer expert. Presently, Clifford holds the position of a CEO in the Lucyd task.

– Konrad Dabrowski, CPA– Konrad is a specialist accountant and a professional in monetary regulation. He utilized to work for Deloitte– presently the very best accounting company in the world. He is likewise the co-founder of the Lucyd task and holds the position of the financing lead.

– Eric Cohen– Eric is the software application lead in the job and also a co-founder. Apart from having excellent experience in software and iOS app advancement, he likewise works as CEO at Emaze Design Agency.

– Harrison Gross– The 4th co-founder and the main architect of the user interface of Lucyd. Harrison also works as a media lead for the platform. Furthermore, he is also a digital media supervisor at Tekcapital.

– Mike Kayat, Ph.D., MBA– Mike has actually been working as a professional physicist for more than 20 years. He is enthusiastic about marketing and developing brand-new technologies gotten in touch with optics. Mike has actually worked as a VP at Exta and now serves as the optics lead at Lucyd.

– Jose Enrique Hernandez– Jose is a blockchain lead in the job and he has extensive understanding of blockchain software application. Jose utilized to work as a security architect for Splunk and served as a director in Zenedge.

– Maria Kowalski– Maria is a genuine rockstar in the team, having actually gotten an Emmy for SoyTed on Tedtalk. She utilized to operate in Entertainment and is responsible for the acknowledgment of a number of around the world popular brand names. Maria works as a market lead on the job.

– Amarilis Zozaya– Amarilis works on the task as a PR lead for Latin American countries. She has 15 years of experience, developing communications campaigns for both people and firms.

Lucyd Lens Advisors

The group of advisors is likewise remarkable and consists of 9 professionals. Both the group and advisors are likely to expand in the future. Here is the list of all consultants and their brief bio.

– Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D.– Rolland is an expert in optical science, having received her Ph.D. in 1990 from the University of Arizona. She currently works as a director at NSF I/UCRC Center for Freeform optics and works as a CTO at LighTopTech Corp.

– Professor Yiorgos Kostoulas, Ph.D.– Kostoulas currently works as a Licensing Analyst at Vanderbilt University, and he prefers to integrate marketing with optics, specifically optical spectroscopy. He works as a science consultant at Lucyd.

– Mikhail Gutin, Ph.D.– There is not much information on Gutin on his LinkedIn profile, it simply states that he is a president of Applied Science Innovations, Inc. which he functions as science advisor and optics specialist on Lucyd job

– Leo Baldwin, M.S.– Baldwin has an actually impressive bio. He worked as a principal engineer at Amazon and worked as a research study fellow on GoPro. He is an acting president of Functional Photonics, a business that supplies consulting in the field of optics and machine vision. Baldwin also serves as a science consultant and AR/VR advisor on the Lucyd task.

– Donna Waters, M.S.– Waters works presently as the primary optical specialist at Proof of Concept Optical Engineering LLC. Her work history also consists of functioning as a Senior Optical Engineer at Micron Technology, and now she serves as a science consultant for Lucyd.

– Professor Hao Li, Ph.D.– Hao Li also has a substantial work history, having actually taken part in various tasks and various types of research study. He is a CEO and Co-founder of Pinscreen and serves presently as the director of the vision and graphics laboratory at USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

– Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Ph.D.– Gandy Coleman is the Co-founder of Aura Interactive LLC and works on three positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is an AR science consultant for the Lucyd Lens.Lucyd Ico

– Kunio Okudua– Okuda is the blockchain financier and advisor for Japan and Asia on the Lucyd project.

– Steven Ormond-Smith, FCCA– Ormond-Smith is the blockchain investor and advisor for Europe.

lucyd ico


Info on Token Sale

Lucyd Token (LCD) will be the main method to pay for the software and hardware that will belong of Lucyd.

The token is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and it is compatible with ERC20.

This is a huge benefit because this enables the LCD to be compatible with other wallets, exchanges and other kinds of monetary facilities.

LCD will not, however, have an instant function as for the very first short duration the glasses will act as the extension to mobile phones and their ecosystems till the environment around LCD is created.

The number of tokens is limited to 100 million. The token sale occasions offer 50 million tokens.

The soft cap objective for them is 1.5 million and the tough cap is 10 million USD.

The pre-ICO (pre-sale) began on 17th of October 2017 and ended on 31st of December 2017 at which point the main LCD sale started.

The pre-sale offered tokens for a 40% discount rate, which meant that you could have purchased them for $.15.

The ICO will last up until 28th of February 2018, which suggests that, at the point of writing this short article, there is still circa 30 days up until the sale is finished.

The cost for an LCD now is $.25 and they will be provided by the end of sale.

The tokens can be bought by all the significant currencies, along with USD, BTC, and ETH. If the supply is depleted before 28th of February, the sale will stop.

Also, if there are any unsold tokens, they will be burned at the end of the sale.

What comes as peculiar to us is that there is no info on the existing progress of the sale.

Either we were not able to discover these pieces of information or the team decided not to publish results prior to 28th of February.

This is not a necessarily misstep, but we salute transparency when it comes to ICO and crowd sales.

Among the previous areas mentions that token holders will have unique rights when it pertains to Lucyd.

This suggests that individuals who purchase 5000 LCD will have the ability to obtain the glasses solely when they become available.

Equated into USD, this suggests that you will generally have to pay $1250 for 5000 LCD.

Whitepaper ReviewLucyd Ico

The whitepaper represents completely all the information that you as a prospective user of their item need to know when it concerns this type of glasses, AR/VR and blockchain technology.

On the other hand, there is insufficient info on the people who deal with the project.

Furthermore, the whitepaper lacks more thorough information when it comes to business, marketing, and finance.

Therefore, it is ideal from the clinical point of view, while the financial viewpoint is overlooked.

The Roadmap

The long and winding road to the first Lucyd smartglasses began with 13 HMD patents that were developed at UCF.

Those patents were certified later and the core staff was hired and briefed.

The next huge action included presale which ended with the New Year event.

Currently is the routine sale in progress and it will be finished by 28th of February. 2018 is likewise scheduled for brand, software and item planning.

The strategy is to establish the very first hardware prototype by the end of September and begin establishing, at that point, iOS/Android compatibility and apps.

The last quarter of 2018 comes from the focus group screening, and the product will formally be introduced to LCD holders in the first quarter of 2019.

This is a quite easy and uncomplicated map.

It is even a bit enthusiastic, in our viewpoint, to say that the product will be complete in less than a year, thinking about the fact that the item itself is actually innovative.

Lucyd ICO Roadmap

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Fantastic team that consists of professionals in AR and optics
  • Revolutionary concept that can end up being a global phenomenon in a fairly short amount of time
  • Tokens are cheap and the ICO is currently underway
  • Roadmap is really clear and succinctLucyd Ico


  • White-paper does not have correct descriptions concerning marketing and company
  • There is no information on how the sale goes so far
  • The competition may somehow steal the concept


This is definitely an enthusiastic job and it would be truly amusing to see the model as soon as possible.

If you enjoy VR/AR and you were enthusiastic when Google Glass was launched, you should be again, due to the fact that the job is definitely more complete and more promising.

On the other hand, we do not know much about the project, and apart from the preliminary 13 certified patents, there is still no proclaim on the prototype itself.

For that reason, we are enthusiastic and our company believe that it deserves buying a few LCD tokens to support the team.

If you are exceptionally enthusiastic, you might too buy the 5000 LCD package and be amongst the very first people to get the Lucyd Lens. 

Lucyd Ico


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